The Chaora Dubh (Gaelic for Black Sheep) flock wander around the crofting village of Leumrabhagh (Lemreway), South Lochs, The Isle of Lewis, romantically known as the “hidden jewel of Lewis”. They are the oldest Icelandic flock on the Outer Hebrides. Their ancestors first arrived with the Norse on the islands approximately 1,100 years ago. Now they are back.

Everything that can be sourced from a sheep is for sale. Whole fleeces, cleaned bats, horns (whole or created into buttons and toggles), sheepskins, woven tweed and yarn (of any weight). A small quantity of Heather Fed Icelandic Meat is also sell. The lowfat, succulent Icelandic lamb and mutton, is cared for and processed on the Isle of Lewis, and delivered to your door. Cost is £10 per kilo, available as either half or whole carcass, butchering is an additional £15


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