Reserved (provisionally sold) Two six year old ewes, excellent mothers. East Lothian Scotland

Reserved – 14/7/24


For sale 2 six year old ewes.  Reason for sale is I need room for young stock coming through.

Still a good few years in them yet – I’ve just had a nine year old ewe lamb this year.

Brachmont Andrea (DoB 12/4/2018), Sire Letham Jules, Dam Brachmont Olga.  She has been placed 1st and 3rd in the ISBOBI online show in the ewe class.  I’ve had 3 years of lambs off her.  She gave birth to twin rams lambs this year.  They weighed 31kg at 97 days.  Been heptevac’d annually by me.  She is a large ewe.  She is the moorit.

Knoweside Izzy (DoB 19/4/2018), Sire Chaora Dubh Absalon, Dam Knoweside Iona.  I’ve had 3 years of lambs off her.  She gave birth to twin ram lambs this year..  One weighs 27kg the other 32kg at 99 days.  Been hetpeva’d annually by me.  She is the Black with grey.

I want both of these ewes to go to the same home – not being sold separately.

All photos taken on 6 July 2024.  Flock Number 142 (Letham)

Price is £90 each

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