Starter flock or Pick ‘n’ Mix!

£ 123

We are reducing our flock due to health and financial problems.
Sheep available:

Swallow Aura, who is solid moorit, born 2016. Has birthed several sets of twins, and she’s a good mother. £230

Aura’s granddaughter Swallow Christa, another solid moorit, born 2018. Had a single last year and mothered it well. £230

Aura’s daughter Swallow Hekla, solid moorit to moorit grey, born 2021. Had a single last year and mothered it well. £230

Swallow Didda, a Moorit Grey (icy-pale undercoat, cream to caramel to platinum blonde overcoat), born 2019. Twins last year, single this year, great mother. Friendly girl! £230

Swallow Tviburi, Didda’s daughter, a Moorit Grey Mouflon (icy-pale undercoat, blonde overcoat, cream lower jaw, chest and underparts), born 2021. Absolutely stunning coat and another good mother and friendly sheep. £230

Fearless Dóra, Didda’s ewe lamb from May this year. She was sired by our tup Hrafn Elkinskjaldi (Moose), the most horizontally relaxed tup I’ve ever met, and has inherited a nice temperament from both sides. Dóra is definitely a Grey, but whether it’s Black-Grey-with-a-hint-of-Moorit, or the other way around, I’m not sure yet! Their coats change so much even month by month. £130

Fearless Úla, our only polled Icie! She was born in 2021, to Devious Calypso, sired by Hrafn Brámi, a lovely solid moorit tup. Úla is solid black but carries the moorit gene. She does have cow hocks, I’m afraid, and so is commensurately cheaper than her peers at £150.

And finally, we come to Fearless Magnus, a proven ram! He’s 18 months old and a lovely guy, Black Grey, horned, born May 2022 to our black grey Knoweside Tuuri, sired by Swallow Jökull, a moorit mouflon, so Magnus carries both moorit and mouflon genes as well as black and grey. He tupped a group of ewes in his first year and we have been very pleased with the results. He has inherited his mum’s chilled and friendly temperament too! His sire was from the Swallow flock so pedigrees will show you just how related he is to the girls. His dam was Knoweside lines. Magnus is £300.

They are all on the Heptavac P+ programme, and have been vaxxed with Gudair against Johne’s Disease.

They have all been bolused with Allguard Lamb mineral boluses (one for the lambs, two for adults) , plus a 10ml squirt each of Mole Valley Liquiflow vitamin drench .

Any questions, get in touch!

We can arrange to deliver any sheep purchased, particularly if you buy more than just one or two, and distance is no object provided we can come to some arrangement re fuel and accommodation.



To contact the listing author, please phone: or 07975765580 / 07421001908

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