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Glossary of terms

  • Moorit (Brown)
  • Black
  • White - the dominant pattern
  • Mouflon - white tummy, throat, legs and eyebrows
  • Badgerface - the opposite to mouflon
  • Grey - doesn't change colour but adds white thel (undercoat) fibres
  • Solid (no pattern) - recessive to other patterns
  • Grey Mouflon - white eye rings
  • Polled - No horns
  • Scurred - Very small horns
  • Horned
  • Four-Horned
An 'upbred' is a sheep which has been bred in the past with a sheep which is not registered with the society but has since had further crossing back to Icelandic genetics. Only upbreds from those previously registered and over 99% may be currently registered in accordance with the constitution. Upbred sheep are marked by a '(U)' after their name.

Further clarification on any of the above can be sought by emailing our flockbook secretary

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