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The unique ISBOBI number for the flock.

The name of the flock. Do not start with the word "The".

The username of the WordPress account that this breeder is linked to. Only unassigned usernames can be selected.

The name of the breeder, e.g. "John Smith".

The address of where the breeders lives, not where their sheep are kept.

The postcode of where the breeder lives, not where their sheep are kept.

The breeder's full phone number with no spaces, like this: 01234898200

The breeder's full email address, like this: odin_allfather78@asgard.com

The breeder's full flock number with no spaces, like this: UK123456

The breeder's full County Parish Holding number, including forward slashes, like this: 45/678/1234

The date that the breeder joined ISBOBI. If the breeder has joined multiple times, put the most recent join date.

Icelandic Sheep Breeders Of the British Isles