ShowFlockClassName of SheepResult
Northumberland County Show LethamRam LambLetham Pretzel2nd
– in the Primitive Breed SectionEwe LambLetham Peony2nd
GimmerLetham Olive2nd
Best Woollen SheepLetham Nico1st
New Deer Show LoanheadEweKindrochaid Diva1st
– in the Mixed Rare and Minority SectionRam LambLoanhead Frankie3rd
Ram LambLoanhead Fergus4th
Berwickshire County Show LethamRam LambLetham Pretzel3rd
– in the Any Other Breed SectionEwe LambLetham Peony3rd
GimmerLetham Olive3rd
Ellingham Show AskjaRam Lamb1st
– in the Primitive Breed SectionRam2nd
Group of Three2nd
Banchory ShowLoanheadEweKindrochaid Diva4th
GimmerKindrochaid Ella3rd
Ram LambLoanhead Frankie4th
Turriff ShowLoanheadGimmerKindrochaid Ella4th
Ram LambLoanhead Fergus6th
Keith ShowLoanheadEweKindrochaid Diva4th
Ram LambLoanhead Frankie4th
Melplash Show
– in the Primitive Breed Section

AskjaShearling ewe1st
Shearling ram1st and reserve champion
Ewe lamb3rd
Ram lamb3rd
Keswick Show
– in the Primitive Breed Section
EscriggShearling TupSunnyside Charlie Chestnut3rd
Shearling GimmerEscrigg Bronnie4th
Wolsingham Show – in the AOBMuggleswickEwe Lamb1st and reserve champion
Scottish Smallholders Festival – in the Northern Shortail SectionLethamRam LambLetham Pretzel4th
Best HornsLetham Pretzel5th
Ewe LambLetham Primrose7th
Wool on HoofLetham Peony2nd
Raw Fleece1st
Icelandic Sheep Breeders Of the British Isles