2023 Results are in!

This year’s judge’s were John Atkinson and Mark Helm

Class 1 – Ram

1st – Blue Birch Flock with Sunnyside Walter

2nd – Normannson Flock with Pen-Y-Lan Tudwal

3rd – Escrigg Flock with Sunnyside Charlie Chestnut

Judge comments: I felt Walter was a clear winner, he’s a very balanced sheep with a good straight back and perfect legs. I also thought the showed himself off very well compared to the others.


1st – Sunnyside Walter

2nd – Pen-Y-Lan Tudwal

3rd – Sunnyside Charlie Chestnut

Class 2 – Ewe

1st – Normannson Flock with Old Hills Whitespecs

2nd – Askja Flock with Westshield Aurora

3rd – Letham Flock with Drachmont Andrea

Judge comments: I thought there was little to choose between 1st and 2nd, I really like them both, they showed themselves well and were as near as perfect as I could tell, Specs just took the top spot because I could see she had a really nice fleece.


1st – Old Hills Whitespecs

2nd – Westshield Aurora

3rd – Drachmont Andrea

Class 3 – General

1st – Normannson Flock

2nd – Muggleswick Flock

3rd – Moorland View

special mention goes to Rockliff Flock……. a photo speaks a thousand words!

About the judges:

Ram and Ewe Classes

John Atkinson farms in Nibthwaite in the Lake District and has done his whole life, however, the farm practice has changed over the years as he became more aware and interested in conservation farming. He is passionate about producing the best quality meat in a natural, ethical and sustainable way. In his mind this comes from animals being reared outdoors on permanent pasture providing a varied and wholesome forage. He also has a number of farm diversification projects with his wife Maria. He is a committee member for the Federation of Cumbria Commoners, the Dry Stone Walling Association and Whitebred Shorthorn Cattle Society. He is also a member of the Luing Cattle Society and the Castlemilk Moorit Sheep Society and he Chair of the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

He regularly judges Rare and Minority breed sheep at the summer shows. You can find out more about him and their farm here www.nibthwaitegrangefarm.com

The General class:

Mark Helm is a photographer from Penrith in the Lake District. He covers covers local Sports Events and specialises in Equine event. He also does Landscape, Fine Art, Pet and Portrait photography. He likes trying different types of exposure to create unique pieces and enjoys cycling in his spare time. He is very passionate about his job and may often be found hiding behind hedges in the rain in order to get the perfect shot and is know for being a great help as well as photographer at the local equine events. His website is www.helmphotography.co.uk

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