We’re having an online show!

We hope that members will be prepared to showcase their best stock. To keep matters simple for this first event we have three categories:

  • Rams
  • Ewes with lambs at foot
  • Best photo

There are just a few, basic rules:

  • Sheep must be registered Icelandics
  • A maximum of four photographs may be submitted for each sheep entered. One photograph must be taken from the side.
  • Rams must be those which are alive in 2022.  Photographs may be used from previous years
  • Ewes must be those which have lambs at foot in 2022
  • Closing date for entries 16th July 2022 (please don’t leave to last minute!)

Entries submitted will be used for publicity of the Icelandic breed by the society and submission of an entry is acceptance and consent to use of photographs and copyright in the same for that purpose.

There are no entry fees for the show. Entries should be sent by email to our secretary secretary@isbobi.co.uk and the results will be published on the ISBOBI website in early August.

Icelandic Sheep Breeders Of the British Isles