So, you have got your flock going at last by buying a select few sheep. As you repeatedly check on them in a slightly paranoid way for the first week, one of them will often become your favourite. Maybe the first to eat out of your hand or the one that always see you first, runs over but is then really stand offish as the others rush in. Anyway, for what ever reason don’t worry if in 6 months time you find that having turned them for shearing or foot trimming you find that your lovely favorite sheep has 2 special skills: one is waiting till you have foot sprayed her feet before kicking you in the face giving you spectacular make up, the other is feeling around with her horns for a soft bit of leg that gives a little when jabbed with a horn then waiting till you are just about to do something before giving this soft receptive spot a proper jab with all her strength. Sometimes she can do both these special tricks at once. This only has to happen once or twice and suddenly another sheep will shine as favourite!

How your favorite sheep may change with time
Icelandic Sheep Breeders Of the British Isles